Tom Chapman

Brass & Woodwind musical instrument service and repair

10 Hilton Street, Tamworth, NSW 2340.     mob. 0413974839.





Tom's expertise comes from years of multi-disciplined experience in acoustics, engineering, and music.


Early employment in sound system and component design and development provided a comprehensive knowledge of acoustics, leading to a good understanding of concepts of pitch, frequency, wave lengths, and resonant devices etc., all of which is behind the theory of operation of musical instruments.


The discipline of engineering instilled the necessity of precision in adjustments of mechanical devices, which is imperative in the setting up and regulation of instruments.


As a musician, Tom has spent 30+ years as a teacher and performer on clarinet, flute, saxophone, bassoon, trumpet, and trombone. Highlights include: first and solo trombone in a concert band; second trumpet in a brass quartet; member of a flute trio; clarinet, saxophone, and trombone in stage show bands; first clarinet in regional symphony orchestras; and an appearance as clarinet concerto soloist with the Wollongong Symphony Orchestra.


A much younger Tom Chapman in a rare duet performance with Sylvester.


This wealth of many faceted experience, together with an innate capacity for patience and perfection has led to an appreciative and loyal customer base, of both individuals and organizations in the New England and North-West region of New South Wales.


Tom's teaching knowledge at times has proved useful in determining the cause of playing problems which individual students may have. Occasionally it is the details of technique of the player rather than mal-adjustment of an instrument that is the main cause of dissatisfaction. Having the player try out the instrument at the workshop is often the most successful way to a solution.


Actually, on the rare occasion, such observations have led to slight modifications to an instrument to accommodate hands with limited reach.


This might all sound like it has taken a lifetime to accomplish. That is probably correct, as Tom is now in his mid-80's, but is quite willing and ready to continue sharing his skill and capability in providing this service to the surrounding musical community for as long as he is able, and so far, there are no signs of slowing down!


In his spare time, Tom writes and publishes poetry. More information about this activity is at