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Score Setting & Writing


This page is all about score setting and transposing.


What it is not about is composing and/or arranging music.


Score Setting involves providing a professional look to the page and producing a layout which is easily read, and with convenient page turns.


Transposing is either changing key, to suit a singer's range, for instance, or providing a version suitable for a different instrument to the original. This might be a bassoon part in bass and tenor clefs (for a band which does not have a bassoon) transposed for bass clarinet in treble clef which requires a key signature change also.


The editing on the page is the time consuming part, and even with a fairly simple score, three to four pages an hour is all that can be achieved. If there is a lot of text, involved, e.g. lyrics, or the music is thick with notes, more time is needed.


Entering the original into the score writing software (we use SIBELIUS) will vary, although the process is somewhat quicker if a suitable original is provided as we have scanning and music recognition software also. A 'suitable' original requires that it is easily read, no black blobs, and no missing parts where a page has not lain flat, or the edge of the music has not been in the scan range and line endings are lost.


In the light of this, please call to discuss pricing and completion times.


Scores to be worked on can be emailed as .pdf attachments, and returned the same way. Of course, if you post your original or drop it in personally, that is quite ok also.




ScoreSampleto the PDF!