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News and snippets from the woodwind activities:


This antique flute was restored to playing condition and remarkable appearance after a complete repad, buff, and polish.

Antique flute




This clarinet (Solo, Serial No. C9211032) arrived with a broken centre tenon on the lower joint, and is being repaired. Come back to see the regular updates on its progress.


tenon repairAfter precise measurements are taken at all critical points, the body is held in the lathe—with a custom designed tool—and the damaged section is machined back to the inside ledge. Further machining will be necessary as the job progresses.


With almost all of the broken tenon machined off, this is ready to be turned down to take a sleeve. The sleeve is a hollow cylinder turned down from a piece of solid ABS (plastic) rod. It is made to be a tight push fit and glued into place.


The tenon ready for the sleeve, and precise measurements were taken to have the B/F# tone hole and two mounting posts bored through the sleeve to match the holes in the body.


The sleeve in place and machined down to the body diameter, is now ready for the tone hole and mounting post holes.


With the position of the tone hole marked, the clarinet joint is jigged and locked in position and the tone hole drilled.



After drilling the tone hole, the rim chamfer is cut with a special tool.



Almost there now. Just the two mounting post holes to be drilled and the end turned down to have the ring fitted.



The two mounting posts in position.



The repair is complete, the ring is fitted and the keywork assembled. "Solo" clarinet No. C9211032 is alive and breathing once again.